Universal Healing session on Sunday June 5th

Create Unbreakable Boundaries




We find safety in community

We create trust with awareness

We heal as a collective

Spiritual energy practices for healing broken hearts.

Guided by Diana Mikas

I’m offering spiritual, practical and vetted healing tools every month to help dissolve blocks to love and connection.

I see you…

because I am you….

You’re a Giver. You work hard at giving from your heart but are frustrated AF and bewildered that it isn’t reciprocated with the wholeness that you desire.

You feel deeply. So much so that at times you feel it’s a curse and want to numb and distract yourself. (Please don’t. It’s your super-power)

You know that you deserve better love than what you’ve been getting, but feel you need to hold your cards close for fear of betrayal. (We’ll rebuild trust)

You’ve done so much inner work already. Therapy. Recovery. Wellness. Sometimes it feels like nothings working and you just want someone to show you the way. (That’s why I’m here)

Living your best life from a whole heart is your highest desire. And although you’ve been knocked down, you know that nothing will stop you from learning how to powerfully rise and create the love life of your dreams.

The Healing Circle is your safe container.

Our journey begins with healing your heart

through the energetic centres…

Inner love creates outer harmony in your relationships and the world at large.

Rewiring how you do love is scary business. It challenges you to push through the shadows to reach the light of your true self.

Living with a broken heart is no longer an option.

We all feel it.

We are all heartbroken and waiting for things to shift. And, the shifting is all on you.

You know your relationships mirror where you are at all times. Creating awareness of your love blocks, loving them and then letting them go is the path to self-love.

A grounded more resilient you creates trust and safety in your relationships.

Your healing energy ripples outward to create a world of safety, trust and unconditional love and connection.

Let’s create this together

What The Healing Circle offers you:

Every month you get LIVE events with Diana, a printable monthly guidebook and all your practices and meditations easily accessed through the Healing Circle Portal.

Classes with Diana

LIVE Whole-hearted online video calls every other week with Diana.

We dive deep into pre-submitted questions on topics such as boundary work and integrity, forgiveness and letting go, mind-body love, manifesting your love life, dating and sex. Recordings are uploaded onto the portal for you to access any time you wish.

The Guidebook

Every month, you'll receive exercises and teachings in an easy Guidebook.

Your guidebook will outline your journey for the month. It’s where Diana’s monthly topic teaching is held along with her offering of energy healings, meditations and practices.

Everything you need to guide you through your month.

The Portal

Access everything at home base – The Healing Circle Portal.

Simple, easy access to all content for the month for the duration of your membership. Fresh content is loaded on the first of every month and as we co-create during the month. Meditations, Energy Healings, Mantras and more.

A closer look...

The Teaching

Each month centers on a new practice theme to heal and expand…Igniting Integrity, Creating boundaries, Forgiveness, Reconnecting to your

Divine Feminine…

I create your journey and we expand,

release blocks and live it in

The Healing Circle experience.

The Energy Practice

Twice a month, I offer up a universal healing practice that aligns the area of the endocrine system that is directly affected by the love block we are dissolving. The public is invited to register/pay, these are FREE to

Healing Circle members.


The power of our words can either

keep us in suffering or release us from the past.

Each month we bring in powerful Mantra practices to release, heal and transform.


The energy that created you is yours to wield and recreate a powerful love life. Powerful, mindset meditations will be released each month, that will allow you to go deeper into your practice of healing.

A closer look...

All Downloadable.

Create your healing playlist as the mantra’s, meditations,

practices and guidebooks are yours forever.

This is your journey

This isn’t another to-do list.

I’ll offer you options for meditations, practices and connecting more deeply.

We are healing our hearts and we do things gently.

This is your support system

Our Focus for June...

You'll Create Unbreakable Boundaries

June is about red flags, trust and integrity...

We focus on the 4th Chakra – Anahata. When blocked, we stop and repel the love we want. And then conversely we create a neediness which then brings in the love that we don't want challenging our trust and compromising our integrity. But when we unblock this Chakra, we feel open, confident in our choices and courageous to move forward.

This month's offering:

  • A Universal Healing: We soothe the Heart directly by way of the Anahata - twice this month.
  • Understanding your love centre: A talk about this very important centre for manifesting the deepest unshakeable love.
  • A Power Practice of self-inquiry into the sadness and loneliness that appears in your love life.
  • A meditation and healing soundtrack to accompany you on this journey.


  • Energetically Aligned - Each session is a steeped in energy healing practices to shift you away from the lower vibrations.

  • Safe and Private - We meet off social media in a container that is safe and supportive for you to express and let go.

  • Go with the flow - I create each journey to address what the current energy field is presenting.

  • Guided - There's nothing for you to prepare or do. Simply show up and be guided. Take my hand.

  • VIP treatment - As a Circle Member you'll receive special offers and discounts.

A Bonus Guide: How to Create Your Healing Space

Create a space just for you.

A quiet healing space.

I’ll guide you through the process of

clearing any negative energy and

preparing the elements you’ll need to

create a sacred space just for you.

You’ll receive your guide

as soon as you join.

We'd be honoured to have you

Your membership is set up on an annual automatic renewal and will be charged on your one-year anniversary. All renewals can be switched to a different plan by emailing our support team before your renewal date. If you have any questions, get in touch at

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I don’t promise you magical healing,

but it has happened. Many times.

What I can offer is a support system,

filled with unconditional love and ancient healing traditions guided by a lifetime of wisdom.

You’ll walk through life

more grounded and secure.

You’ll understand your truth and be

forever guided by your higher self.

Your wholehearted awareness will

heal those around you.

No more fear. No more anxiety. Just love.

Breathe deeply and Join us

Have questions?

Am I ready for this?

You’re ready when you’re ready. If you’ve come this far, you’re probably ready.

What’s happens when I join?

Deep breath. Everything will be taken care of. You’ll get a welcome email with all of your information, which you will save or print, and instructions to enter your program instantly.

How much time will I need to spend on this?

I believe that your best experience comes from promising yourself that you’ll devote time to your healing. Like you would when you go to your yoga class or workout or go to a café to chill. You make this your sacred time.

I suggest about 30 minutes a week for your reading and reflection. A few times a week for your meditations or daily if you choose. This healing is about empowering your sense of freedom and choice, so we don’t do accountability here.

What if I need to cancel?

When you pay the Most Flexible monthly subscription, you have a money-back guarantee. Simply send in your finished workbooks after you attend your first coaching session and we will refund your money without question.

If you signed up for the Best Value plan to take advantage of the discount, then you will have to continue until the end of your plan. We do not give refunds on discounted plans. Thank you for understanding.

What if I want to switch my plan to an annual membership?

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What if I have to leave my prepaid subscription. Do I get a refund?

If you prepaid to get the biggest savings, you’ll need to complete the full annual cycle. We’re unable to refund full pre-paid plans. Thanks for understanding.

We’re here to support you.

You won’t be alone in this. If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, then contact us at

We care about you

If we didn’t address a question that you may still have, please ask us any time at

A sisterhood circle for healing

We’re all being challenged to evolve and have a critical look at the old paradigm of love. Lack and fear no longer have a place in this new world. Our work is to rebuild our hearts to live in the infinite abundance of wholeness.

When we can hold each other in this space, profound things happen to everyone.

This healing circle is about witnessing, supporting and relearning love. You’ll learn that you are not alone in your pain and by coming together, self-judgment and shame will dissolve, along with all the other love blocks you have.

This is the type of women’s circle healing that kick-started my transformation and I’m honoured to be co-creating this with you now.

You are held here.

So much love,

D xo

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